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Author Topic: LG washing machine spin cycle inoperative  (Read 5307 times)

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LG washing machine spin cycle inoperative
« on: April 25, 2012, 02:48:59 PM »

Hello Forum,  I'm working on a LG washing machine (WM2277HB). Every time this machine reaches the spin cycle it throws a UE code. So I troubleshooted it in the QC test  mode in the spin cycle; it won't spin, it throws a bE code now. So I diagnosed it to maybe being a faulty Hull Sensor. Replaced the Hull Sensor then went to the QC test mode for the spin cycle and it spun . (1200-1600 rpm.). I thought I fixed the spin cycle problem. So I wash a load of clothes and it reaches the spin cycle and again throws a UE code. Again I test the spin cycle in QC mode and it throws a bE code again. Now I'm at the point what can it be now?? Here is what I've have either replaced and checked on this machine thusfar : single inlet valve (leaking); circulation pump (broken impeller); drain pump (noisy); hull sensor (no-spin cycle); stator assembly (ohms test-tested OK ); PWB control box (checked all connections-checked OK); also checked other connections to make sure none are loose (checked-OK). What can I check or repair to get this machine to spin?? Thanks for your time in reading my repair issue with this LG washing machine (WM2277HB).  Tool-n-Die.

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Re: LG washing machine spin cycle inoperative
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2012, 04:34:21 PM »
UE: Unbalance Error

bE: Ball Sensor Error

This is an older (2005 or older) LG washer that uses a sensor mounted at the rear/back of the washer.

This washer was also intended for use on *concrete* flooring (not wood).

Unplug washer

Looking at the back of the washer---remove the access panel

On the right side---you'll notice a spring-loaded arm that is mounted on the washer "shell".

This is the BALL SENSOR.

If the tub *bumps* this sensor frequently (or severely)---an error will be displayed and the spin cycle will be aborted.

Examine the back of the washer (sheetmetal)---if it's *bent* inward---this will cause numerous false imbalance errors. It may be necessary to pull out the sheetmetal (to it's normal position).

Another option would be to remove the plastic arm assembly entirely from the back of the washer---remove a single screw that secures the black BALL SENSOR---and then secure the BALL SENSOR to the sheetmetal of the washer (may need to drill 2 holes). Use nylon wire ties to secure the BALL SENSOR in an upright/normal position (same position as it was in the bracket).

This will eliminate nuisance/triggered errors.

This BALL SENSOR was discontinued by LG in favor of a much more reliable/accurate *software* system that monitors imbalanced loads.

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