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Author Topic: Maytag refrigerator, top of freezer warm, bottom part still ice  (Read 13905 times)

Offline tntrucker

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I woke up yesterday and was told that the freezer door on my side by side Maytag stayed open most of the night and it had ice buildup on the bottom, but was melting away on the top part of the freezer. I unplugged it and cleared everything out including all of the ice........removed the inside lower back panel and melted what little ice was left w/ a hair dryer.

Pulled the unit from the wall and cleaned it w/ compressed air (wasn't that bad), then plugged it back in and let it run it is still warm on top (64f) and well below freezing at the very bottom of freezer (-3f +/-)  Model#MSD2650HEW

Any ideas what I can do to fix it? The refrigerator side is also warm on top & cold on bottom

Offline ranway

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Hello, if you hear your evaperator fan (inside the freezer, just above evaperator) running, the top would be as cold as the bottom because of air circulation. It sounds like you should unplug the unit and check continuity across your defrost element/s. If defrost element has continuity, it may beyour BiMetal thermostat, or your ADC. When frost is present on your evaperator, then your temperatures may only be 32 degrees in spots on your evaperator causing air flow blockages. I once worked on a fridge that the water inlet (Ice Inlet) didn't close all the way and water kept dripping on the evaperator freezing over. I had replaced the BiMetal Thermostat, because everything tested ok, and the next day had the same problem. Replaced the inlet that was stuck open just enough to drip. That solved that issue

Offline tntrucker

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Thank you Ranway,

My evaporator fan is not running.........should I just replace it, (does it run all the time?) or check the continuity like you suggested as well?

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check it
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Offline tntrucker

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Not real sure what you mean JW.......I'm not a pro repairman, just a homeowner trying to figure out how to get my fridge back up and running w/o spending a fortune...

I'm afraid I need the "fix it for dummies" version since that's what I'm feeling like right now :-\

Offline AJ

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The evaporator fan motor should only run when the refrigerator calls for cooling and cycles on.

If you have a multimeter you can check the motor for continuity to see if it's ok or needs to be replaced.
If the evaporator fan motor does not have any continuity then you should replace it.

Here is the evaporator fan motor for your model refrigerator if you need to order it.

Evaporator Fan Motor Part # W10128551 Order now for same day shipping. 365 day return policy.

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see if the service manual will help you:

Offline jumptrout51

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Is the condenser fan at the compressor running?
Is the compressor running or making a clicking sound on then off?
You do not have a defrost issue.
You have a not cooling issue.
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Offline tntrucker

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@AJ, Thank looking through the manual to see if it tells me how to do that (I do have some multimeters)

@bigbuck, very much appreciated! I'm sure this manual will be helpful  O0

@jumptrout51, both the compressor and the fan seem to be working properly....I guess since no air is circulating inside the unit, it prevents the top from cooling and making ice? Thank you

Offline tntrucker

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per manual > 6. Remove the evaporator fan motor assembly
and place it on a work surface.
7. Connect the motor terminals to a service
cord and plug the cord into the
power source.
8. If the motor fails to operate, it is defective
and must be replaced.

I did that and got nothing......continuity-nothing

Do you think replacing the evaporator fan will fix the problem, or might there be other issues? Thanks for all the help everyone...


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