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Author Topic: frigidaire with mold in water and ice cubes  (Read 11348 times)

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Re: frigidaire with mold in water and ice cubes
« Reply #20 on: October 18, 2014, 01:25:47 PM »

Ok so to start forget all the noise on here. Most of the "advice" is completely irrelevant to the problem. You've noticed black stuff in your ice cubes? It's algae and there is a simple solution that costs around $2 and takes only a few minutes, and a quick run to the hardware store. Pull out the fridge. There is a tube on the back that goes to where the ice maker would be. It is probably a 1/4 inch diameter tube, make sure to check. If it looks gray, black or anything other than clear then that's the problem. Some have green tunes which I think is supposed to help with this problem but I don't think it does. The freezer line is usually supposed to be clear. So find both ends of that tube, you may have to remove an access panel. Unplug the fridge from the outlet and remove both ends of the tube, you may have to loosen a clip or two. Some have pressure fittings where it just slips in, you may need to press in on fitting to release the tube. Take the hose to your sink and coil it in the bowl. Start running very warm almost HOT water through it. If you see black stuff come out or you see something moving in the tube then there you go. You might need to swap running water through both ends to jar something lose so play around with it. If that was it don't try to clean it. Put it back on, plug the fridge back in and go to the hardware store and tell them that you need to replace the ice cube maker line on the back of your fridge. They'll try to sell you a kit for $10, just tell them you need the hose. Repeat the process for removing the hose. Check the openings of the old hose for any metal clips inside the hose, take those out and save them. Cut the new hose to the same length and insert the little metal pieces into the line. Reconnect and plug it back in. I'd probably throw out all the old ice too. Probably a good idea to change that tube every couple of years whether it looks like it needs it or not. If that doesn't solve your problem then obviously it's something else but I highly doubt the finish is flaking off. BTW you may not need to turn off the fridge entirely, it's the simplest thing to do for everyone. The hose may be plugged into an actuator that you can disconnect the wires from. That will prevent the ice maker from requesting water should it need some while you have the hose removed. If the actuator is still functioning then it will open the valve and release water. I'm guessing the actuator will only open for a few seconds but I'm not sure. It may run until the ice cube maker says thanks I have enough water now, which it won't do if there is no hose. So to be safe I say just unplug the fridge. You won't need to shut off the water unless for some reason you need to disconnect the water inlet.

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Re: frigidaire with mold in water and ice cubes
« Reply #21 on: October 18, 2014, 05:34:12 PM »
Why not just replace the original line with copper?
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