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Author Topic: GE Front load dryer service manuals  (Read 5219 times)


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GE Front load dryer service manuals
« on: September 04, 2011, 08:34:49 AM »

I have a model DBVH512GF0WW front load dryer. Made by GE and I can not find a service manual for it.
I came home from vacation to and error code of E61 which means wired wrong... it clearly isn't as it has been working for years. we had a power outage and I assume it needs to be reset. I found a way to check the 10 test prompts  t01 - t10. it seems to have worked to erase the code E61 but now it only reads E01.

How do I reset the control board to function properly. when I run the t07, t08, t10 tests it runs the machine drum and also ignites. So i know the machine works in test mode which suggests it should work normally.

test t01 = 2
t02 = E01
t03 = 16 or 38
t04 = long beep then displays EEP
t05 = all lights light up  (I assume it is a lights test)
t06 = blank screen but beeps as long as you hold the button
t07 = 075 and machine runs
t08 = 077 and machine runs
t09 = 4.73 or 4.76
t10 = runs machine

how do I make this thing work?  why are their no service or repair manuals for it? this forum only has GE washer repair manual...

please help  a week long of laundry from 4 vacationing people is piled up and no way to dry them.