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Before I start my question, please understand most people have forgotten more about appliance repair than I know.

Our dryer is not drying our clothes.  When we first start the machine the pilot(?) glows red and the gas comes on and the flame runs for a short while.  If I continue to watch the pilot will begin to glow again but apparently the gas is not released and eventually the pilot quits glowing.  This process happens again and again but the flame will not come back on unless we wait or move the setting on the dial.  Any thoughts?  Is this something I could get help with replacing?  Thank you!

Model SDG3606AWQ

Sounds like a classic case of bad Gas Valve Solenoid.

I looked up your model number and it uses part # 12001349.

WHIRLPOOL 279834 Coil Kit for Dryer Gas Valve (2 Coils, New Style), AP3094251

Click the part number link I posted to order and watch a video on how to replace them.

Easy job for the DIYer.

THANK YOU for your response, the part number and the video!!

I watched the video and I do believe I can fix this. What a great website!

Glad to help...

Dont' forget to post a review of the site at this link, thanks!

Let us know how the repair goes with a update to your topic, thanks..


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