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Kenmore Elite Dryer not working


I'll start by saying I'm really only looking to see if it's worth getting someone to give an estimate on this thing, it's already a pile of crap in my opinion.  (there's a zero % chance of getting me to look inside any part of this machine except the drum - damaged knee, can't kneel & can't figure out the back panel thing)

The drum turns, fuses have been replaced.  The drum turns, the coil doesn't glow anymore underneath it (the last repair guy left the bottom panel off, and I can't figure out how to put it back, but it let me see that the glow stopped).  When i have the door open & it tumbling, I feel a light breeze - very light.  That's where my issue starts - I'm not sure if that's how much air it's SUPPOSED to blow out, or if it should be much more (I've never stuck my head near a dryer before...).

If this sounds like something potentially simple (aka cheap - last repair was $85 less than 3 months ago, I can get a very nice used Maytag for $125 with a warranty), then I'll call someone, but if this seems like it could be complicated (cost more than $50-60), I'm out & getting a Maytag.  3 Kenmore appliances in this house, all 3 have broken within a few years... I had a Maytag for 20+ years that had NO issues in that time (never should've gotten rid of it).

Thanx for any help on this thing, I'm ready to sell it for scrap at this point....

Model 110.63034101

That is a nice dryer. It has 4 wheels that the drum rides on. I call it a 4 wheel drive. The heating element just yanks out the base. If the bottom panel is off it would be pretty easy to replace. It or the 2 limits mounted on the side of it could be tripped causing ya to not have any heat. This video shows how to change the belt. You only need to lift off the drum with belt off there to access the heater element and the components that are safetys. Get a cheap meter and check each component for continuity with the wires removed to prevent false readings.


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