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Gas heater sometimes doesn't come on, and doesn't stay on when it does


A few days ago, I started getting a problem with my LG dryer. The gas heater doesn't fire.

If I run the dryer with the front removed, I can see the igniter start glowing to try to ignite the gas, but there's no gas. I've checked the voltages to both valves in the gas valve assembly, and they both seem to be over 90VDC, like the service manual says (although one of them, I tested it without it hooked to the valve, so I don't know what the voltage would be under a load). But the voltages all seem to happen as the service manual suggests: valve 1 gets voltage, the igniter starts glowing, valve 2 gets voltage, nothing lights, and then the igniter shuts off.

What's a little strange is that, about 10-20% of the time, the heater will fire up. So, I thought maybe it was a sticky valve. However, what's really strange is that, of the times it fires up, the heater then shuts off sometime later. Maybe it's not all that strange; I had assumed that the heater would stay on the whole time of the drying cycle, but maybe it is supposed to turn on/off as needed to maintain a certain temperature and, when it tries to turn back on later, it just fails like it does 80-90% of the time.

Has anybody seen anything like this?

Model DLG2532W

Gas dryers only burn for moments before temps inside the dryer are reached. Therefore the gas assembly is cycling anytime the temp drops below 105f and above 160f.
The valve resistance is 1995 ohms and the ignitor is 185.

Sounds like bad gas valve coils to me.  LG doesn't sell the coils, you have to buy the whole assembly, part number 5221EL2002A.


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