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Author Topic: Video: How to take your Whirlpool dryer apart to replace parts & remove lint  (Read 29278 times)

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In this video we show you how to take a very common whirlpool made dryer apart.

If your dryer is making a lot of noise you will want to check the belt idler and drum rollers.
Also take a good look at the seal around the back of the drum.

If your dryer takes a long time to dry you will want to check your venting to make sure it is clean.
If you have cleaned your dryer venting and your dryer still takes a long time to dry you will have to remove the back of the dryer and clean the lint out around the blower fan.

In the video the whirlpool dryer we use as a example has two part for the front. On some whirlpool dryers the front is all one piece. If your dryer front is all one piece then once you have the top lifted up you just remove the two corner screws that hold the front on and lift the bottom of the front off of two clips that are located toward the bottom.

In the photo below you can see the areas you need to check for lint build up.

In the next photo is a example of just how bad the lint can build up over time.

Here are some common parts for your whirlpool made dryers.

Use the model number search box at the bottom of this topic to find other parts for your model dryer.

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