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w011 sjoberg counter top electric can crushers


seeking repair parts for sjoberg electric aluminum can crushers.  co insolvent about 15 yrs ago.  someone must have access to parts somewhere.

Could you post a photo of it, never seen a counter top electric can crusher.

What part you looking for?

Hey Rollginder1!

We have the can crusher you were looking for parts for back in 2011...ours just stopped working this morning after 20 years!  Hit me back at my email if you are still looking for parts or better yet, if you have figured out how to crack into the damn thing!!  We would LOVE to fix ours, but I fear it it hopeless....We bought ours at Northern Hardware in Charlotte, NC back in 1994!!  We loved it!!!  Kept it under the sink in every house we have ever owned....sad!



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