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Author Topic: pressure switch not activating intermittantly  (Read 3076 times)

Offline jeff456

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pressure switch not activating intermittantly
« on: September 19, 2010, 06:52:34 PM »

Hi, I am trying to help my mother in law out with her washer which has overflowed several times flooding her kitchen and a carpeted area nearby.  

After reading info I found on Google I checked out all that I could and cannot find the "reason" the pressure switch is not activating.

I checked the switch by blowing into it numerous (50+) times in all three water level settings.  It never missed a beat.  I pulled the hose off and holding it under water blew into it while closing off the end, from both sides to be sure a leak was not near the end, and there are no leaks.

I looked for kinks or obstructions and found none.  I pulled the inner drum out to get a look at the inside of the pressure dome and it is not blocked from that side either.  The inside of the dome looks like it has a little soap scum from where the water level usually sits, but no loose pieces or anything else that looks like it would block the water/air pressure.

I can reproduce the overflow every time by waiting until the machine fills and shuts off then remove the hose and let the water rise in the pressure dome then reattach the hose, restart, and it will over fill.  I realize that the additional water in the dome is probably what causes the pressure switch to not work, but that is the only way I can make the machine over fill.

I am wondering if there may be an ocassional issue with water filling and remaining in the pressure dome and then causing the pressure switch to fail on the next load.  It seems to me excess water would actually activate the switch sooner since water cannot be compressed,  but something is definately wrong, even if only a design flaw.  She is having the company that she bought the machine from come out, but I am afraid that are going to find nothing wrong or replace a part just to make it look like something was done and she will still have the flooding issue.

Just looking for some advice or knowledge of this being a common problem or some kind of design flaw.  Her washer is almost at the end of her one year warrenty so I would like to help her figure what is going on and make sure she is not having to deal with floods all the time.



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Offline ryan111

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Re: pressure switch not activating intermittantly
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2010, 10:01:54 PM »
Watch it during the wash cycle. If the spin basket spins during wash then it will leak during wash but only on large loads. This will be a transmission problem. People often describe this problem as an intermitting overflowing problem, which is why I am mentioning it.

If it so happens that it is the transmission this page will help with replacing the transmission

If that isnít the case you will have to catch it in the act to be sure. I donít mean forcing it by pulling the hose off, because that will cause it to overflow anyway. When it is overflowing (or gets to the point that you know it will overflow)  unplug the washer. If unplugging the washer stops the water flow, the water level switch is bad since you already established the tube isnít clogged. If the water continues to flow once the washer is unplugged replace the water valve.
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Re: pressure switch not activating intermittantly
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2010, 05:30:54 AM »
If I were you I would replace the inlet valve AND the hose, if only to eliminate these as culprits. I use that black rubber auto fluid hose (of the correct internal diameter) from my local auto supply store .

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Re: pressure switch not activating intermittantly
« Reply #3 on: October 06, 2010, 09:13:54 PM »
There is probably debris in the hose that runs from the pressure switch to the tub, where it attaches to the tub.