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Author Topic: Kenmore side-by-side fridge having several different ice maker problems...  (Read 5328 times)

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Hi, I'm having trouble with our ice maker and I'm not sure which parts/kits I may need to purchase to fix the problems.  

The first problem we noticed, was the ice maker stopped crushing/dispensing ice. The motor runs, but nothing happens. There was fresh ice in the bin, so I removed the bin from the door and noticed a part was broken. I can't find the name of the part for the life of me.  On the part where the bin attaches to the door, there are two plastic clips to hold the bin, and a 3rd spot where there is a metal piece. This is the part that fractured into 3 pieces.  :o

I'm assuming this is why it fails to dispense ice, it can't spin? Any help identifying that part # and name would be greatly appreciated! O0

Model 10652552100

The second problem is that the bin will not lock into place. We've had trouble before but I was always able to get it in after a few tries. The bin seats properly, just doesn't seem to latch/lock down. I checked the blue release button and made sure it was locking/unlocking properly and it seems to get jammed in the "pushed in" position occasionally.  When I manually pull it out, it does pop out, but the clips did not actually lock the bin in place.   :(

Any ideas on how I may be able to fix that problem?

I'm hoping the metal part can be easily replaced and the bin locking problem has some trick that I missed to fix it without replacing the whole unit.

 :) Thanks in advance!!  :)


Offline jade7597

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 :) I found the broken piece -- the coupling part needed replaced, and ice maker is working perfectly already!

 :thinking: Still trying to figure out how to adjust the ice holder bin so it latches on and stays in place...

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There are two plastic hooks that are attached to the door liner and are not replaceable.  The foam insulation has shrunk a pulled one or both of those hooks in a little.  You need to use a sharp knife or dremel to remove just enough plastic from the hooks so it will latch again.  Take very little off at a time and try the bucket until it latches.