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Author Topic: Kenmore Washer will not drain or spin, agitates on the agitate lo cylce only  (Read 13083 times)

Offline mattz

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My washer fills up with water but will not agitate, drain or spin. After some internet research I thought that it might be the motor. I pulled the motor off and left it connected. It would not run unless I tapped the shaft, otherwise it just hums. I thought that it was definetly the motor, so I got a new one; it is doing exaclty the same thing. I am suspicious of the starter capacitor, but this is what I get with the Meter. OL one way, 6.65 approx. when I switch the leads.

Lid switch seems OK, it clicks fine and has continuity when closed.

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Your speed selector switch can be easily checked for continity using the wiring schematic pasted on the inside of the console. If this switch proves to be OK, the timer is your problem.
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Offline mattz

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Okay, this model does not have an independent speed selector. I am guessing that it is incorporated into the timer. Just about every wire goes into one harness and switch. Any suggestions about which leads I should be checking.

On a second note, as I was running the machine to check the cycling, the water started overflowing (as I was looking up the cost of a new timer). The tube on the water level switch has been removed and put back on as I was moving things around. Is there a way to reset this?


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drain machine, disconnect hose then reconnect, that will reset the pressure balance
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Offline Big Dave

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I have had several do that. It will be a defective timer not making contact to the directional start winding. Replace the timer and it will run.


Offline mattz

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That did it. Thanks a lot. Now my next challenge is to figure out what to do with the motor. THe THermal switch on the old one is craked thanks to my curiosity, and I cannot find a new one.


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