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Author Topic: Dishes have residue  (Read 3035 times)

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Dishes have residue
« on: January 02, 2010, 11:06:25 PM »

Replaced discharge housing and impeller. Getting great pressure (I think) and no more grinding noise. But at first glance dishes seem clean but have a soap film on them. Some are clean but cutlery always has this dry film.
1- Seems that the very first drain cycle after initial wash is not happening. Stops, does not drain and goes directly into the next wash cycle where it releases the soap container. Drains properly after each cycle thereafter (I think). Is it the board that need to be replaced? How do I verify?
2- The lower spray arm very slightly makes contact as it spins on something yet will spin quite freely. Probably the circular filter underneath? When reinstalling it does not fit easily as it seemed to have shrunk. Is this the issue?

Comments would be helpful. Thanks

Model MDB7100AWW

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Re: Dishes have residue
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2010, 07:47:36 AM »
You definitely have issues that require your full attention.

1. If the machine is skipping the first drain cycle, the control board is bad. A 10-minute job, as it only requires removing the 10 screws around the door plus 2 more on the board. Everything just  plugs in.

2. The spray arm must turn freely with no binding, so if this is not the case, it is a matter of removing a few screws to expose the spray arm support (upper housing). With the Maytag Dishwasher manuals in the head of this forum, you should be able to do this with ease.

You may order the control from the AP Wagner-Canada link on the left.
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