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Frigidaire GLTF2070DS0 won't spin

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I picked this Frigidaire GLTF2070DS0 washer up second hand for free from a family member and the only thing that is wrong with it is that the drum doesn't spin.  I checked the belt and looks fine.  The drum spins by hand and seems to be smooth.  I started a drain and spin cycle to the washer and it sits and tries to pump the water that doesn't exist out and never gets to the spin cycle.  My first thoughts were the pressure switch but not really sure that this point how exactly that works.  Any insight would be appreciated.

Mr. Fix-It:
You probably have a bad speed control or motor. Does it agitate in the wash cycle?

FRIGIDAIRE Speed Controller Assembly, part number: AP3967975

I have a manual here I do not know if it will help you or not but it is supposed to be for good and better late model frigidaire front loaders:

Frig Front loader late model manual

first I would check the door lock ... if it don't lock it will not spin ... frigidaire has some trouble with the door locks...if it locking and your lock light comes on.
check the door lock at the control J2 to J3 should have around 1500 Ohms.  shorted or open is bad.
.. check for power to the motor there is a double plug you should have up to 300v there when it should go into spin or check motor winding on plug 5 pin 4 to5 should have 105 & 130 Ohms,...pressure switch controls the water level don't sound like your problem...  Most the time I find that it is the door lock...

Mr. Fix-It:
If the pump runs the door latch isn't the issue.


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