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Author Topic: MAYTAG WASHING MACHINE - NOTHING WORKS  (Read 3069 times)

Offline woody

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« on: July 31, 2009, 01:53:27 PM »


Hello to all Technicians,

The washing machine is a Maytag Atlantis, Model MAV7200AWW, Series 19160323YZ, Style Y7909215.

Yesterday my wife loaded the washer and started it, then left the wash room.  Later she returned and discovered the machine had stopped in mid wash cycle.  The cycle-select start / stop button had moved so I assume the machine had started agitating but then stopped.  I pushed-in / pulled-out on the start button several times with it on different settings but nothing happened.  There was no motor noise at all.

This morning I went to the wash room to look over the situation.  I emptied the tub of clothes and water.   I pulled out on the start button and – surprise- the machine started its fill cycle. I pushed in the start / stop button, moved the select cycle button to “spin” and started the machine again.  It sounded like it was going to start to spin.  I shut it off and went to tell my wife the good news.  We went back to the wash room and pulled the start button but nothing happened.  I moved the select cycle indicator to different positions while pushing in and pulling out the start button several times.  Absolutely nothing happened and there was no motor noise.  I did smell something like electrical wire insulation burning so I pulled the plug.   The breaker switch for that room had been thrown.  I reset it, plugged in the machine and tried to start it again.  It started and completed the fill cycle but then stopped.  I checked the room’s breaker switch again but it is o.k.  The washing machine will not start in any selected setting.  There is no motor noise.

What do you suspect the problem could be?