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Author Topic: Video: See if your Whirlpool Ice maker infrared optics control is working.  (Read 95574 times)

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The whirpool in-door ice maker systems use a infrared control to tell the ice maker when to make ice.

There are two parts to the infrared ice maker control. The part on the left freezer wall is were the infrared light comes from.
The second part on the right hand freezer wall is were the light is received.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For no ice or low ice production, always confirm normal (0-5 Deg F) freezer temperatures before beginning diagnostic checks. The ice maker is designed not to run if the freezer in  not in this temperature range.

It sure would be great if we could just see if that infrared light on the left side was working.

Well there is a way. A very simple and easy way to see infrared light by using a digital camera.
In the video clip I show you how it works. I am using a camera phone in the clip, but I have tried it with a number of different digital camera and all the ones I tried worked.

You will only see the IR light flash between the fill and harvest part of the cycle. The ice make will fill when the fingers that scoop the ice out are pointing straight up. The harvest part of the cycle is when the fingers are scooping the ice out of the ice maker.

So if your ice maker is sitting there with ice in it, but it never does anything else make sure it is turned on and check to see if the IR light is flashing.

If you want to play around some more with this it also works with other infrared remotes, like the tv or vcr remote.

If you think your ice maker IR control is not working you can bypass it so you can check the rest of the ice maker system. This is very simple and only takes a couple steps.

1. Disconnect the power to the refrigerator.

2. Remove the control board on the right side as shown in the photos

3. Next you will have to find something to make a jumper out of. A paper clip works really good for this.

4. Put the jumper across the black and black with white wires as shown in the photo. Make sure the power has been disconnect from the refrigerator.

5. Put a piece of electrical tape over the jumper as the paper clip will be "hot" with power and could kill you if you touch it.

You now have the IR control bypass. You can not leave it this way or your ice make could flood your house. You only bypass the IR control for testing!

If your ice maker has warmed up (as it does when you have the door open) you will also need to bypass the thermostat in the ice maker itself as shown here.

Bypass the ice maker thermostat

With both the IR control bypassed and the ice maker thermostat jumped out you can plug the refrigerator back in and watch the ice maker cycle.

If the ice maker does not cycle make sure your jumpers are making a good connection.
If the ice maker still does not cycle then replace the ice maker.
If the ice maker does cycle (motor turns) but the ice maker does not fill (it won't fill if the thermostat is not closed, jumped) then check the water fill valve.

If the ice maker cycles like it should and fills with water then you need to replace the IR control that you have jumped out to make it run.

4322658A R-92 Whirlpool and KitchenAid Indoor Ice System - Ice Maker Service Repair Manual

WHIRLPOOL Complete Icemaker Assembly (8 Cube), part number: AP3182733

This icemaker is for 25-27 cubic feet models that have vertical auger dispenser installed in the freezer door. 8 cube icemaker.

WHIRLPOOL 4389102 Refrigerator P.c. Board Kit, AP3137510

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Re: How to see if your Whirlpool Ice maker infrared control is working.
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 I tried it on my refrigerator and it works. Then I tired it with my tv remote and a couple other infrared remotes we had around the house. It worked on all of them.

Cool little trick...