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Author Topic: WFL2060CU Question concerning necessary repairs on older Bosch Axxis washer  (Read 2632 times)

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I just became the owner of a used Bosch Axxis washer dryer.
As far as I can tell, the dryer works fine.  However, there are significant problems with the washer.  Bosch says that I definately need to get a technician if I plan on using this washer.  But I am worried about the cost of the repairs vs just buying a new washer.
Please allow me to explain the problem with the washer below.

The control lights are faulty, for one.  The light above the Quick Wash Button is permanently lit.  There is no way to depress it.  
Also, when the washer enters its rinse/spin cycle, the control light does not go on above rinse/spin.  More significantly, the machine uses hot water all of the time.  There is no such thing as a cold wash.  An even larger problem, however, is that the machine does not stop its cleaning cycle on its own.  Ever.  You put the detergent in.  You start it up.  It washes.  It rinses.  It spins and sounds like a jet taking off.  Then it immediately fills with water to enter the rinse/spin cycle again.  It will continue to rinse/spin until the end of time or until you manually turn the machine off.  So what gives?  Do I bother having Bosch repair the problem?  Should I fuggetaboutit and buy another front loading washer?  Can I mix and match a cheaper washer with the Bosch Dryer?  Please help me out.  I really don't know how to properly evaluate the situation.  
Thanks for your Help,