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Author Topic: Fridge failing slowly.. not cold anymore! Overload and Start Relay?? not sure??  (Read 3712 times)

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This fridge is only two years old and is no longer cold! Judging from the sound and the heat, I'm guessing the compressor is still working. The condenser also appears to be functioning. We've been doing drywall sanding, so I thought that it was just a buildup of dust maybe and I vacuumed it all out...

Then, I noticed this unfamiliar loud CLICK, which could very well be run capacitor (from my research)? Now, before I go replacing things, I want to get your feedback.... when I shake the Overload PS2062101 it sounds like there is something broken in it.. is that normal? And, when I shake the Start relay PS2062100 there is no noise... Is it possible that the run capacitor is broke too, how can I tell?

Oh, and if these parts are failing, does that suggest there is something else wrong which caused them to fail?? I'm just speculating..

Any suggestions? and, where do you recommend I buy these parts from?? I'm in Windsor, Canada..

Model MTB2191ARW