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Author Topic: GE Profile Dishwasher Leaking  (Read 3732 times)

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GE Profile Dishwasher Leaking
« on: May 29, 2009, 07:32:13 AM »

Hi guys,

I have a GE profile dishwasher that started leaking during the pressure wash stage from underneath.  I took off the kick plate and the plastic panel on the bottom to see where it is leaking from and it is coming from the very middle of the cabinet under where the rotor arm and drain basin is.  

The exact location of the leak is hard to tell because it is above the water pump (to the front of the motor) where the pump attaches to the round plastic tub.  It is not coming from either of the the two large hoses or the clamps which makes me think it is a main seal or gasket.  In front of the pump there is a small black plastic module with wires attached that one of the hoses is hooked into and that is attached to the plastic tub.

Where this black plastic module is attached to the tub is where the leak is coming from as far as I can tell.

Any ideas? I have heard that the pump motor assemblies are crap on GE dishwashers but I am not sure this is the problem.  I appreciate any help.

Model GSH7200WESS