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Model Number: LA9500XTW1 icon

I replaced a motor coupling on this top-loading Whirlpool direct drive washer and it broke again about 5 weeks later.  The metal insert had pulled out of the 3-pronged plastic piece on the transmission side.  I wondered if the coupler had failed again so soon because I tapped it a bit too hard to get it onto the shaft and started a crack that soon propagated or if the mechanism had jammed. I turned the transmission shaft counter-clockwise by hand (or pliers) and the agitator seemed to move freely.  I turned the transmission shaft clockwise and the basket moved, but seemed to drag and more at some points thn others.  I moved the basket by hand and there was
a lot of resistance.  I now realize that moving the transmission shaft or basket by hand probably does not release the brake.  Is that right??  Is the only way to test this by having the motor drive the basket in the spin cycle and try to slow the basket? At the time I thought there might be a problem so I now have the basket and transmission out and have NOT found an obvious problem.  The drive block is intact and positioned correctly although corroded and dirty.  Lots of crud (soap scum, dirt, and lint) on the outside of the basket and in the tub, but no obstructions.  No scoring on the basket drive tube and the agitator shaft moves freely when the transmission shaft is moved CCW.  Brake and clutch seem to be fine and have plenty of lining left.  It seems that I should just put it back together, put in a new motor coupling, and count the extra work as spring cleaning and training.  Should I replace the center tube bearings and seals now that I have it apart?  How do you get the old bearings out and new ones in? Do you need an arbor press or will a drift punch work?  What kind of oil do you use to lubricate the center tube bearings and drive tube?  Is it just the transmission oil?  Should I also replace the seals and bearings inside the basket drive tube?  Is that enough questions?  By the way I've been told to file the inside of the motor coupling insert if it does not slide onto the motor shaft.  

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Their is a coupling install tool you can buy for about $10 bucks.
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