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Author Topic: Please help!! Not sure if I removed GE oven heating elements properly  (Read 3502 times)

Offline ratdog

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Hi folks,

Please provide advice...I fear I may have ruined my built-in GE oven.

The oven started to heat set to bake yesterday, but then stopped.  Some time ago the broiler element stopped working.  I had read something about pulling out a heating element and testing with a multimeter.  I removed the 2 screws that attach the bottom element to the back of the oven.  Then I started pulling the element out.  There was some small resistance but I could not see anything in the hole except for what looks like insulation, which I didn't disturb.  However, now I can't see to find what I thought would be slots to plug the element back in.  The white insulation appears to go back at least 1 inch.  

Can some please help me figure out what I have possibly done wrong?  And how to fix this?  I couldn't imagine that the insulation needs to be removed.      

Thanks so much,


Model JTP45W0A1WW

Offline Mr. Fix-It

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What you've done is pulled the wires loose from the element there is no socket. You now have pull the oven right out from the wall and access the terminals from the back. Not a fun job it's always bugged me that they don't make the wires long enough to do these things from the inside.

Offline ratdog

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Much appreciated, Mr. Fix-it....

That's what I was afraid of.  I didn't have enough imagination to suspect GE would make disconnecting the elements so difficult, and had thought there was a socket like you might find on a range burner.

Is it likely I may have damaged the wires by pulling the element out from the front rather than going into the back?

I have found the original installation instructions for the oven (it's a double).  Can anyone provide an idea of what's involved in removing the oven to get to the back, such as weight, two or more people, things to watch out for, etc?

Thanks again,

Offline ratdog

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Hi again...

From looking at the oven, all I can see is screws running along the inside that fasten to the cabinet.  Could that be all?

 Also, the instructions note that the door (or doors...only the top is marked) must be removed before installation.  Would they then need removal before pulling the oven out too?



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