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Author Topic: Gas Dryer Thermal Limiter Failure  (Read 5374 times)

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Gas Dryer Thermal Limiter Failure
« on: March 14, 2009, 12:54:55 PM »

Frigidaire gas dryer runs but won’t heat.

Poor or clogged venting causing the thermal limiter to fail.

Correct venting and verify no continuity through the thermal limiter. Replace the thermal limiter with Part Number 137032600 icon.

Model/Serial Number:
AGQB6400FS1  AGQB7000EG1 AGQB7000ES2  AGQ6000CES3 AGQ6000ES4  AGQ6400HE1  AGQ6400HS1  AGQ6500CFG1 AGQ6700FE2  AGQ6700FS2  AGQ7000CEG1 AGQ7000CES2 AGQ7000EE1  AGQ7000EG1  AGQ8000CFE1  AGQ8000CFG1 AGQ8000CFS1  AGQ8000FE2  AGQ8000FG2  AGQ8000FS2 AGQ8700FE1  AGQ8700FG1  AGQ8700FS1  CDGC100FW1 CDG2000FW1   CDG4000FW2   CDG4000HW1   CDG5000FW1 CGF140CES1   FCGD3000ES1  FGQB4000FS2  FGQ1442ES3 FGQ1442HE1  FGQ1442HS1  FGQ1452HE1  FGQ1452HS1 FGQ332ES2    FGQ5000HS1   FGR311FS2   FGR641FS2 GCGQ2152ES2  GCGR1042FS1  GLGQ2152EE3  GLGQ2152ES3 GLGQ442CES1  GLGR104FSS2  GLGR1042FS2  GLGR641FC1 LCGQ2152FE1  LGQ1442ES2   LGQ1442HE1   LGQ1442HS1 LGQ2152EE3   LGQ2152HS1   LGQ6400FS1   LGQ7000EG1 LGQ7000ES3   LGQ8000FE1   SAGQ7000FS1  SGQ2152HS1 SGQ7000FS1   SGR231HQ1   SGR231HS1   SGR351HQ1 SGR351HS1   SGR641HQ1   SGR641HS1   TD16MG5 TD165    WGQ332HS1   WGR211ES2    CLCG500FW3 FGX831FS3   FLGB8200FS3   GLGT1031FS3   GLGT1142FS3 SWSG1031HQ2  SWSG1031HS2  SWXG831HQ2   SWXG831HS2

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