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Author Topic: Maytag washer grinding/wire dragging on metal noise but inner tub won't come out  (Read 6146 times)

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We bought the washer in 2000 and last week it began making a loud metal grinding noise that was evident primarily during spin but also does it during agitation, it's just not as obnoxious then since it's not being spun so fast. After reading other posts I figured out how to get to and remove the pump but it turns freely by hand with no noise and no visible obstructions. Turning the center pulley counter-clockwise (while looking up to the bottom of the washer) allows me to turn the transmission housing. Turning the center pulley the other direction it simply turns freely while the transmission housing refuses to turn. At this point I decided that I needed to remove the inner tub to continue troubleshooting. However, after removing the agitator and the 4 mounting screws I can not get the inner tub to come out. I've tried the stomping the side technique (hard), standing in the tub and stomping, banging on the tub and all other methods of trying to loosen it up but with no luck.
So, supposing I will need to remove the inner tub in order to either complete my troubleshooting or get to the part that may need replaced (or both?) what suggestions are there for doing this? I've read that the inner tub may sometimes become molded to some part of the assembly that it goes around and that it simply may not come out at all. If that's the case, what would a Maytag repairman do? Replace the tubs and transmission and all? Would Maytag offer some type of help? Given my situation, does it seem likely that a repair can be completed for substantially less than the $400 or so that a new one would cost?

Model MAV5000AWW

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Gottat love your many forums did you post this question on?

Here's the same answer I gave you on my board:

Your Atlantis needs a new tub bearing and seal kit. Not a job for you to tinker with, since special tools are required do the repair. You will likely be looking at a $300 repair, and no, Maytag will not be interested in helping you after 7 years.
The bearing and seal kit is pictured below, and although it is only a $55 part, the labor and service charges you incur to have it installed will cost you. It's either that or buy the spring, hub and seal tools just to do one job. Now, you're talking money 

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Thanks very much, Repair-man. Desperate folks sometimes do desperate things (especially late at night) and I decided to chase after the opinions of those who seemed to be the most knowledgeable.

I will now begin researching for a new, affordable, dependable machine. Surely, they're out there.

Thanks again.