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Author Topic: Whirlpool Cabrio Washer skips washing cycle entirely and gives me "oL" error  (Read 461 times)

Offline kvvash

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So it will start and run for about 8 minutes, until it jumps straight to 4 minutes left. For example if I start it on the normal cycle which is 41 mins total, it will run til about 33 mins on the screen (I haven't exactly kept track) and then just go straight to 4 mins. It doesn't even do the spin cycle, as the clothes are soaked when the machine stops and I pull them out. I just end up with rinsed clothes I suppose.

The other important thing is when the machine stops it always flashes "oL" on the screen, which presumably means overload. It even does this when I've ran a cycle with no clothes in, so clearly not overloaded.

Anyone have any idea what causes this? I have a hard time believing it's the computer or microprocessor

Offline Bearcat

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The basket on this model should float in the wash cycle and then fall into position as water drains out.  The shaft can get rusted over time and this raising and falling does not happen properly, and the washer drains water out, and put the OL error on the display.


Offline Appliancebrad

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The oL code is generated by excess current draw on the motor.  First thing to check is simply listening to it in spin.  If it's loud, most likely a bearing failure. 
If you don't note excessive noise in spin, it may be as Bearcat said, a basket that is no longer moving properly up and down on the shaft.  It can also be an article of clothing that has gone overboard between the inner and outer tubs. 

Offline Pnwdad1981

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Like the other two answers but also if itís that bad off your basket could be screwed too for grinding on the shaft. Seen that sometimes so even if it getting a bearing kit the sleeve is so worn itís stability is comprised. But $70 and a YouTube video is worth a shot. Also rotors screw can come loose causing motor issues too amount 5 other things.
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