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Author Topic: Main pwb has blown fuse LG WM2301HR  (Read 2052 times)

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Main pwb has blown fuse LG WM2301HR
« on: April 25, 2017, 10:49:11 AM »

Help needed.
I had a "no Power" condition on my 2010 LG washer model WM2301.  I had a blown fuse on the power filter board so I jumped the around the filter board only to discover the fuse on the main power board was also blown.  I did a little checking for shorts and could not find any so I replaced both boards.  Everything was fine for about ten minutes.  The no power condition returned and there was water still in the drum.  I engaged some help online and was instructed to check some other things.  I ohmed out the drain pump (new in 2016) and had 14 ohms.  No short to ground between pins, with or without the cable connected.  I ohmed out the Heater element and had about 16 ohms, no short to ground with or without the cable connected.  I ohmed the four solenoids located against the back wall just to the right of the main board, and they were all the same resistance.  The motor seems to spin freely and more so when the cable is unplugged from the main board (I am pretty sure that is normal).  I am not sure what more I can check.  I didn't think the door lock solenoid could be the culprit because the door locked an the washer ran for a few minutes before the fuse blew.  Earlier I tested the power switch function and that was not shorted to ground in either state.  Could the switch panel board cause the 15 amp fuse on the main board to blow?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Main pwb has blown fuse LG WM2301HR
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2022, 01:21:08 PM »
Hey - I have same model, same year, same problem.... I actually recently replaced the bearings because of a slight rattle/thunk when moving clockwise.  The bearing repair was a difficult one, but my spider arm was fine and my bearings were in far better shape than most of what you see online.  So I was encouraged.  But the thunk remained even though the bearings spun very freely.  And spun up to great speed during spin cycle.  Anyway, we did notice a very slight drip under the washer on the first run - I think it was actually my coupling to the main hot water.  But after 10 min or so, it lost power co mpletely and it seems like both fuses are blown.  Everything else checks out just like yours.

Now I'm afraid to replace the boards or fuses just in case.

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Re: Main pwb has blown fuse LG WM2301HR
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2022, 04:49:31 PM »
The two most common problems on this washing machine, are the triple water valve, or the drain pump.  I suspect that one of these has leaked water onto electrical, (possibly inside one of these parts), and caused it to blow the fuse.  Need to replace the bad part and the fuse.

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