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Author Topic: Oven not reaching temp & overheating  (Read 738 times)


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Oven not reaching temp & overheating
« on: October 31, 2021, 01:41:23 PM »

Hi Experts,

Samet (low budget build in oven)

Yesterday 2 things happened with my oven.

1.) The oven did not heat past 115 degrees celsius. (set on top & bottom elements)

2.) After a while I put the grill on in addition and noticed the temperature was eventually reached, but when I switched over to bottom element only the oven heated past the set temp. (I set it to 120 degrees and it went up past 150, so I switched it off to avoid burn risk).

After online searches, I took out the oven and tested the resistance of the bottom element as I thought it might be the problem. It's showing no continuity using a multimeter. After removal, I also noticed it's deformed with numerous holes in it. So I will be replacing it for sure.

My concern is the overheating issue to avoid burn risk. Someone I know with the same oven caught fire recently. The temp sensor doesn't not have 2 wires to test Ohm as I see online. Only 1 copper wire that attached to the control board. (It's a simple manual switch oven, not the new types with LCD displays, etc.).

How would I determine if the temp sensor is in order? Strangely it regulated the temp fine once I put the grill on by itself (Obviously the addition of the grill made up for the lack of the bottom element not working) But why would it overheat when I put it back on the bottom element only if the temp sensor was in working order?

Offline stasy

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Re: Oven not reaching temp & overheating
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2022, 02:31:39 PM »
If the oven works with uneven heating or does not heat at all, the reason for this may be a faulty thermostat! First, it is necessary to determine by measuring the correspondence of the temperature in the oven chamber with setting the power knob in various positions. To do this correctly, you need to place the sensor in the oven chamber, turn on the oven and take the thermometer readings after 20 minutes. If the temperature in the oven differs by 25 degrees above or below the set temperature, then the thermostat should be calibrated. Remove the rotary knob of the thermostat from the control panel. There are two screws behind the handle that need to be loosened, but not removed. By placing a screwdriver in the groove, calibrate the toothed plate, turn the adjustment screw for calibration (counterclockwise decrease in temperature, clockwise increase in temperature) Some thermostats can be adjusted by turning the screw on the shaft control knob housing. Turn the screwdriver about one-eighth of a turn to change the temperature calibration by about 25 degrees.

Diagnostics of the electric stove thermostat
Check the VOM thermostat (multimeter) is set on the RX1 scale. The terminals are located on the back of the temperature controller control knob. To access the part, you need to remove the front panel. Disconnect one of the wires from the thermostat and attach the BOM probe to each terminal of the thermostat. If the thermostat is in working condition, the sensor will register a zero value. If the arrow is at higher values, then the thermostat is faulty and needs to be replaced. For qualified repair of the oven, the thermostat must be replaced with a new one of the same type.
If you need to replace the thermostat, do the following:
1 Disconnect the connecting wires from the terminals of the thermostat and disconnect the regulator itself.
2 Remove the mounting screws and disconnect the thermostat probe from the oven chamber.
3 Install the new thermostat in reverse order.


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Re: Oven not reaching temp & overheating
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2022, 03:03:31 PM »
Thank you,

Turns out it was the top element. I replaced it and solved the problem.

Kind Regards