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Author Topic: Samsung dishwasher dw80f600uts - main PC board replacement - 'a' vs. 'b' version  (Read 576 times)

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I've spent a few weeks chasing ghosts and/or actual in-the-flesh zombie repairs on this old, but low-miles d/w I got secondhand.  Error-codes began to diverge from the original indicated problems with each new test (eg from the original 'delicate' blinking, to running all night and being found the next AM still trying to pump out water that wasn't there anymore and blinking 'heavy' and 'smart auto', then back to 'delicate,' then completing a cycle with no issues, then just 'heavy...')  The more codes I saw, the more I suspected the "PBA" (main board), so I finally (and belatedly) opened it up.

It was disgusting.  Two or more large "outdoor" roaches (the flying variety, endemic to Hawaii and other tropical locations) had set up housekeeping (or lack thereof) and had shat all over the PCB and connectors.  I had to keep squelching my impulse to hose the thing off with water, and instead cleaned it with Simple Green-dampened paper towels and compressed air.  When hit with compressed air after my hand cleaning, some of the coating began to come off where the roaches'... excreta... had apparently damaged it, so it may be toast already, though I'll give it a last chance after it's all dry later today.

P/n on this one is DE-41-00391A, dated 02 June 2010.  Looking online for that, they're available, but there's a DE-41-00391B that I suspect is updated to deal with some chronic problems in the original design (eg the turbidity-sensor requiring regular de-sliming).  So is the 'B' version directly compatible without any special other work or parts requirements?  Does it bypass the turbidity-sensor as I believe I read elsewhere?