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Author Topic: Mvw7232hw0  (Read 112 times)

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« on: January 11, 2022, 02:34:39 AM »

Hello all. Very long time user. First account creation and posting tho.  :)

Ok I have a maytag mvw7232hw0 washer. It stopped after filling one day and was completely dead with no error codes present, but the machine was still on. Lid was locked. Keys were respondent etc. So I found the tech service sheet for my machine on here and ran diagnostics just because I was curious. I found an f7e7 error. Proceeded to do the suggested test 1 acu test and the test 3b drive motor test. Everything passes. Tested it again just to see in diagnostic cycle and I got a f6e3.The acu test passes as soon as the "led diagnostic" light is registered as blinking. And all plugs and connections on the board are solid. Wires appear pristine. Motor and shifter underneath are plugged in. And resistance reading of 9.2 at the motor as well as at the board. So that test passes.

In my curiosity I asked a friend of mine to contact a guy he knows that owns a local used appliance shop and has spare parts. Well anyways. Fast forward a few days and he calls me and tells me he will come over and help me out. He actually brought over a rotor,stator,and the clutch that goes on the stator. Replaced all of them cleared error codes and retested in diagnostic test mode. Failed immediately as it switched to the "washing" phase and f6e3 appeared. He cleared again did a few voltage checks and ohm readings. Tested it again and this time the f7e7 appeared. (My same 2 initial errors prior). He appeared a little puzzled but goes to his truck and comes back with an entire ui board and housing. Even tho the acu had the 5vdc required and the error was a communication error for mcu to the acu (not acu to ui) he wanted to install and try anyway since it was quick and easy. He replaced. Same errors come up. Same symptoms. Machine is powered on but in reality is completely dead once filling stops.

So I guess my question is.... With the motor and shifter and also the ui control off the table as possible causes. And also the acu off the table as a possible cause since he also confirmed that blinking means it has 5vdc and the microprocessor is functioning.(just like the tech sheet says)....... What is left. He thinks it is still the acu. Even though its staying good. Does that sound reasonable? And if not. What other possible issues would the problem be. Very troubling.. Jake or others please help rescues me

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Re: Mvw7232hw0
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2022, 09:35:55 PM »
Does wash basket rotate easily by hand?  It's not uncommon for a sock to get between the wash basket and outer tub and that will prevent reaching speed and cause your F7E7 error.  To check, you have to remove the wash basket.

I've changed lots of main computers on Whirlpool/Maytag washers over the years so I'm suspect of yours.  Next, I didn't see any diagnosis of the clutch.  I do change those from time to time.