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Author Topic: Stumped over Frigidaire ice maker not working, at a loss.  (Read 312 times)

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Stumped over Frigidaire ice maker not working, at a loss.
« on: December 14, 2021, 08:20:11 PM »

I have a Frigidaire LFHB2751TF5 side by side gallery refrigerator with the freezer drawer below. The unit has on door water and ice dispensing.  Lately our ice maker has not been producing any ice but the water on the door works just happily, and so begins the saga.  I've taken the ice maker apart and reinstalled it thinking there might be ice on the motor, but nothing. I removed the thermistor on the bottom of the ice tray and used a multimeter to get an ohm reading, as it got warmer the ohms decreased, so I assume it's working.

I then began to look at the solenoids (or whatever they're called) that switch and allow water to flow to filter, door, ice maker etc. I connected the door water lines and plug to the ice maker solenoid and the door water still works, so the solenoid for the ice maker should be good.

Then I read that the water line in the top of the cabinet could be frozen. Sure enough, I stuck my finger in the opening at the top of the fridge above the ice maker and there's ice. I moved all my perishables to the freezer and turned the fridge off, left the door open for about two hours. Then I used the built in diagnostic function to perform a fill test and finally we had water flowing into the tray. I turned everything back on and left it alone, hours later I had the ice from where I did a manual fill test in the bin but nothing more. I've gone back into the diagnostics mode and verified I can do a harvest and the tray flips successfully, I can do a fill test and it dispenses water into the tray, I can see that the ice tray thermistor is reading a temp lower than overall refrigerator, I can cycle the evaporator fan, I can turn on the defrost heater and watch the temp rise, the door switch works and reads properly. Long story short, all functions seem to work happily.

However, the ice maker still never calls for water. It only fills with water when I do the fill test from the diagnostics menu, it doesn't do it on its own. In the menu the ice maker is set to on, but nothing happens. What am I missing? I feel like there's something very obvious I'm overlooking.

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Re: Stumped over Frigidaire ice maker not working, at a loss.
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2021, 07:26:38 PM »
While there could be something else going on, you should replace the fill tube. The replacement tube will have some foil tape around it to prevent freezing.

That unit is programmed to stop making ice if the thermistor on the tray does not sense a water fill indicated by a raise in temp. I seem to recall that it won’t make ice if you manually dump and then don’t fill back up with water in the service test. You can turn the ice maker off at controls for an hour or two and then turn it back on and it should start making ice if nothing else is failing.

Also, unit is programmed to not make ice if freezer temperature is too warm…say above 10 degrees F or something. Not sure exact temp but remember tech line telling me.