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Author Topic: KRFF302EBS00 Strange short buzz noise from KitchenAid frig. Recordings attached.  (Read 147 times)

Offline bosub34

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After about 3 years the frig started making a short burst of noise once near the beginning of each cycle.

I have attached 2 recordings of the noise. The recorder was placed in the refrigerator near the damper control as I thought that might be the source of the noise, but the noise seems to occur several seconds after the damper has stopped moving.

The burp noise is just as loud inside the frig as outside the frig. The damper motor is not heard outside the frig.

The first recording is a loop playing the same noise over, 4 times in a row.

Loop recording

The second recording is a recording of the start of a cycle. First you hear the damper door exercising itself (opens and closes just fine), then about 5 seconds of silence and then the mystery burp!  The burp does not appear to come from the damper, but from somewhere else in the frig guts.

Start of cycle