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Author Topic: Oven not reaching temp & overheating  (Read 152 times)


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Oven not reaching temp & overheating
« on: October 31, 2021, 01:41:23 PM »

Hi Experts,

Samet (low budget build in oven)

Yesterday 2 things happened with my oven.

1.) The oven did not heat past 115 degrees celsius. (set on top & bottom elements)

2.) After a while I put the grill on in addition and noticed the temperature was eventually reached, but when I switched over to bottom element only the oven heated past the set temp. (I set it to 120 degrees and it went up past 150, so I switched it off to avoid burn risk).

After online searches, I took out the oven and tested the resistance of the bottom element as I thought it might be the problem. It's showing no continuity using a multimeter. After removal, I also noticed it's deformed with numerous holes in it. So I will be replacing it for sure.

My concern is the overheating issue to avoid burn risk. Someone I know with the same oven caught fire recently. The temp sensor doesn't not have 2 wires to test Ohm as I see online. Only 1 copper wire that attached to the control board. (It's a simple manual switch oven, not the new types with LCD displays, etc.).

How would I determine if the temp sensor is in order? Strangely it regulated the temp fine once I put the grill on by itself (Obviously the addition of the grill made up for the lack of the bottom element not working) But why would it overheat when I put it back on the bottom element only if the temp sensor was in working order?