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Author Topic: Frigidaire Front Loader Motor Controller  (Read 156 times)

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Frigidaire Front Loader Motor Controller
« on: October 30, 2021, 03:28:54 PM »

Question about a Frigidaire Fwt645rhs0 front load washer, built in 2003.  It  uses a mechanical timer along with an electronic motor controller (134393900). Motor stopped running, so I got the tech sheet from inside the cabinet and followed the test procedures for the wiring, motor and controller.  Everything checked out OK, except the resistances between the 3 motor output  connections on the controller board were out of spec (should have been 3 Meg ohms but were only around 250K).  Tech sheet said to replace the controller, so I went online and ordered a replacement.  While waiting for the replacement to arrive, I did a little clean up on the machine, checked connections, etc. Everything looked OK so I decided to reconnect the old controller give it one more try. This time the motor worked! I was curious, so I ran the test procedures again. Got the same results; resistances on the controller were still out of spec. When the replacement controller arrived, the first thing I did after installing it was to run it through the same test procedures. It checked out OK and the washer worked fine, as expected. So now  I have 2 controllers, one that passes the tests and one that fails, but the motor works with either one.  I've seen other posts concerning these controllers, but none like my experience.  Has anyone else seen anything like this before? I'm a little suspicious of the original controller, but I guess I'll keep it as a spare.  Thanks.