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Author Topic: Old school GE1 barrel cube icemaker  (Read 293 times)

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Old school GE1 barrel cube icemaker
« on: October 23, 2021, 04:52:24 PM »

Hello all, first post here.
I have an old school GE1 barrel cube icemaker WR30X175. I love this machine with it's round ice vs. the crescent shaped ice of todays machines. I've been using this machine for many years and recently it began to seep/leak out the bottom. So I found a seal repair kit for it and did the repairs. I reinstalled it and it worked beautifully for a couple days. Now it has begun doing a different thing. It fills correctly, freezes correctly, warms and releases the ice from the mold and raises it up out of the mold, at that point the arm begins to sweep the cubes into the bucket but it never makes it that far. When I open the door to check on it, the cubes are frozen to the front edge of the mold with the sweep bar stuck there. I can hear the motor humming but it's stuck because the cubes are frozen in place.
I've had it apart and I've tested the motor separately and it works fine, it runs through the entire cycle just fine. I assume the heater works fine because the cubes release and rise up out of the mold.
Can anyone tell me what's happening? Is the heater faulty maybe? not keeping the mold warm enough long enough? Why would the cubes refreeze at that location? The sweeper arm moves completely through it's range of motion just fine when I test it so something else must be stopping it. I have another "parts" icemaker I can take parts from but I want to know what the cause is before I do that.
Help! I love my round cubes!