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Author Topic: Maytag M1TXEGMYB01- brand new evaporator fan not spinning without push start  (Read 208 times)

Offline gsmith

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Yesterday I replaced the evaporator fan motor in my maytag fridge/freezer-on-top after I saw the old fan was not spinning and the fridge was warm (~55F) while the freezer was still cold (0-3F).

After installing the fan and plugging it back in the fan started spinning immediately so i thought it was fixed and all good.

Today when I checked i noticed the new fan was not spinning any more even though the compressor was on. Instead the new fan was making a humming noise, but when i gave it a gentle nudge it started spinning right away.

So now every couple hours I've been giving it a nudge to get the fan to spin.

There is no ice/obstruction on the fan stopping it from spinning, but when the condenser is running the evaporator fan is shaking/humming, and a nudge starts it spinning.

Does this suggest the new fan i got was  defective? or is it more likely  some other issue causing these problems?

what should i check next?

thank you!