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Author Topic: Help KitchenAid kssc48qms01 leaking 3 times a day  (Read 348 times)

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Help KitchenAid kssc48qms01 leaking 3 times a day
« on: October 14, 2021, 08:06:29 AM »

Hi, I know nothing about appliances and have been dealing  this for three months. My wife is ready to throw me and the refrigerator out the window. To me it appears to be an easy fix but no one can figure it out. Here is the story

1- Freezer and refrigerator stopped cooling, called authorized repair, couldn't get to me in time and called someone else. The guy came in and Changed the "converter" gray box at the top (it's a built in) and said let's see if it needs freon). Didn't work

2- called them back, a new guy comes in, cuts a piece of copper tubing from the top, puts in some "leak seal" puts in freon, tests and the freezer and refrigerator cool normal now. But start getting a leak 3 times a day, apparently during the defrost cycle

3- called authorized repair and waited 3 weeks, guy comes in and over the phone with "experts" says there is no water under the fridge as there is dust. No wetness. But water still comes out of the side. So he seals the grommet at the bottom of freezer and says to test. Still leaking three times a day. Called them and they are coming back, have waited two weeks already. They will be here tomorrow hopefully.

No water or excessive ice seen inside freezer. The pan under the unit gets filled with water and I have manually empty it. It looks like a lot of water to evaporate by itself. But I'm not an expert. None of this happened before the addition of the freon. Any help would be appreciated.