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Author Topic: Fridge 48F, freezer 33F .. dropped slowly for 1 month, compressor or 134 leak?  (Read 355 times)

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I am looking over a refrigerator that has slowly over a 1 month period dropped degree by degree and I want to learn if there is an easy method to determine if the compressor is weak or there is a refrigerant leak.    All of the coils under the unit are clean of debris and the fan is turning at normal seed over the condensor coils.   All the fans inside the fridge and freezer blow properly and constantly but the temp climbs a few degrees every day for the past month.   The compressor is a TP122AR023B8 and it is a side by side unit.  Electrolux FRS6R5ESB6.   The outside of the compressor is only about 100F which seems cool.  (I have home HVAC certification but I don't generally fool with these things so I don't know how they trend, thanks)   Trying to help out a friend on very low income.

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I'm guessing it's running continuously?
Possible loss of refrigerant, using a leak detector, open fridge and check for leak, as well as high side. Ensure you don't have an iced up evaporator. Put your gauges on it.