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Author Topic: Lw1216er make compressor and fan constantly stay on  (Read 1564 times)

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Lw1216er make compressor and fan constantly stay on
« on: August 21, 2021, 04:17:31 PM »

So here's the issue, I have this, and I'm attaching it to a relay that's controlled by a smart home that can handle this current, and I need it to just stay on because the smart home can control when to turn on and off. I have a chinchilla that needs to be at 64 degrees and it has 60 as the Lowest setting and thinks 68 is 60 which messes things up because cold air comes out the ac and the air there is then cold.. how can I just make the relays stay closed so when it's powered on it just stays on at 100% fan and compressor power? Idk how to read a wiring diagram but I've fixed drones with a soldering gun in the past along with a bunch of other stuff. As of now I am stuffing the sensor that checks the room temperature out the window but if it's like 70 degree our it's liable to just turn off. Other that or maybe a resistor that has a resistance that will mimic the temperature being like 110 degrees so it just turns on immediately and refuses to turn off, but for some reason the compressor came on without the fan so idek what to do about that but try to find the loaf wires or whatever going to the compressor and fan and just straight up solder them closed. I was using three manual 5000btu air conditioners but it was really annoying and stupid because this is fully capable of it. If I stick the temperature sensor in a hot hands and nothing goes wrong it usually works fine but I just wanna simplify this as far as parts that could fail in this system because I wanna get rid of the other ac units and just use this but if it's this unreliable then if I'm not home it's possible for it to essentially kill my chinchilla if I don't rush back and screw with it to make it work. Also if I turn if off and back on with the power button instead of cutting the power it goes into eco mode and like does absolutely nothing.

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Re: Lw1216er make compressor and fan constantly stay on
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2021, 08:33:26 AM »
Does it “return to program” after a power failure? Meaning, if it was in cooling mode set at 60, and you disconnect at the power outlet, and reconnect, does it go back to cooling mode?
If it does, I would utilize the inbuilt control. Set air outlet pointing up high, and away from unit in the furthest direction in the room with the adjustment vanes, this will stop it from short cycling and give better temp control. The use of a ceiling fan for spreading and circulating air can be beneficial.
If not, depending on whether it’s a basic compressor or inverter/variable speed, if basic, control board outputs for compressor and fan could “likely” be bypassed or wired to separate temp controller which could have additional wireless control functions. If inverter/variable speed type, forget it, unless this base unit is made in another model that has wireless control built in, you may be able to upgrade the control card to do so.
If you get the airflow correct so it doesn’t short cycle, meaning the cold air doesn’t get back to the air inlet until it has mixed thoroughly with the room air, you may find that it will perform as you need, as it is. If this is in a corner of the room, direct the vanes behind the outlet to the opposite diagonal corner of the room, as well as towards the ceiling.
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