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Author Topic: 2010 LG washer WM2301HR - Died (No Power) During Rinse Cycle  (Read 748 times)

Offline Udon

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Howdy everyone!

1st post but I have the exact same model and just developed the exact same issues found within this post:

My noise filter has continuity and power but the fuse on the mainboard does not.
I got the same 12A 125V Time Delay fuse and added it but still no power however I am getting a smell from the yellow plug (relay?) to the right of the fuse when plugged in so perhaps that died.
My door boot seal has a leak (poor design on LG's part using those squeeze clamps on the drain hose right under the seal as they cut into the boot) but the drain pump has continuity (replaced 2 years ago) and the wires wrapped in plastic directly under the boot drain are in good shape as well.
A new board is $300CDN and a boot is $100 so I am hoping I will get many more years out of this machine if I replace them or should I just cut my losses & put that $400 towards a new machine?
Cheers in advance!