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Author Topic: Long Drain Message & Shut Down- Could It Be The Junk Between Basket & Tub?  (Read 248 times)

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Hi To All!

We have a Maytag Bravos, Model #  MVWB850WQ1  which we bought in 2010.
The display panel will occasionally show the code "LD", which means "Long Drain". This shuts the machine off.  The hose is clear of debris.
Yesterday, the pump would not pump water, but it sounded like it was running (perhaps dry). A couple of power-off/power-on cycles of the switch got it going. Today, it works.

I took the pump off & bench tested it. For certain the bearings are worn, as the impeller wobbles, but the motor starts & the pump pumps every time. But...
I noticed that the tub appears to have a screen on the bottom covering the circulating & drain pump inlets. (The tub is translucent, so visibility was available.) The screen has a lot of junk on it. (Photos are attached)

Is it possible that this junk on the bottom creates a restriction, allowing less water to the pump and triggering the long drain shut down?

If so, is there a way to clean this gooby stuff out without removing the basket? A long, thin coffee urn brush could not go in due to plastic ribs blocking the access points (where the pumps connect to the tub).

I've heard that washing machine cleaner will dissolve it, but I thought I'd ask you experts before I spend $ 8.00 on a wild goose chase. (We've never used it, so who knows what evil is growing in there.)

We have another drain pump on mail order, so if the basket has to come out I've got a few days to attack it.

Thanks Very Much for sharing your knowledge & experience with this question.

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