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Author Topic: Replaced clutch on direct drive top load washer - now leaking and new noises  (Read 179 times)

Offline TryingIt

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My direct drive Whirlpool top load stopped spinning. I replaced the clutch, part 285785.  I was going to replace the coupling but I couldn't get it off, and it wasn't broken, so I just replaced the black rubber insert.
I took my time with it, but it appears I didn't put it back together properly, because during its first use, I heard unusual sounds... and had a leak at the bottom of the machine.  I took video.  I was filming as a vlog, so I am talking throughout, but I cut it way down to just show the cycles and noises.  I didn't have a leak before I fixed the clutch.  Other than not spinning, I had no other issues prior to replacing the clutch.
What would be some common things I could look for, as far as something not being seated properly, or anything else sometimes missed or overlooked in reassembling?


Offline phantom240

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Your leak is likely from the tub ring gasket. Now, the gasket probably isn't faulty, but your machine SHOULD completely drain before spinning. This is called neutral drain. Once the pressure switch signals to the timer that the tub is empty of water, the timer should pause and then should spin. Missing neutral drain puts excess strain on your clutch, which will cause premature failure. Your transmission/gearcase SHOULD be in neutral until the timer pauses. If it does not, your transmission/gearcase is faulty. What's happening is that when the washer spins full of water, the centrifugal force causes the water to come over the top of the tub, and the tub ring gasket isn't made to hold that back, which is where your water is coming from.