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Author Topic: Kenmore VMW spins, but does not agitate  (Read 160 times)

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Kenmore VMW spins, but does not agitate
« on: March 31, 2021, 07:58:33 PM »

Kenmore model #110.22332510

A month ago this machine sounded like the agitation motor was running, but wasn’t actually agitating. Water wasn’t sloshing around and, after a quick pause in the cycle, I could see that the laundry had not moved. I popped off the dispenser cup and noticed that the washer screw had come loose. I tightened the screw and the laundry was agitating again. This did not last long, however, and I resorted to using loctite to secure the screw. This worked for a good while, but then also failed. I then used the more permanent loctite solution and tightened down the screw once more. This time the old rubber washer at the head of the screw fell apart as I tightened it down. When I start the cycle now, the screw is tight, but there is NO agitation.

I am not sure how to proceed from here and could use some expert advice. There have been no error codes, the agitation motor runs and the washer will drain and spin just fine. Any ideas?

Offline Dash

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Re: Kenmore VMW spins, but does not agitate
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2021, 01:17:31 PM »
It's possible that the plastic splines inside the agitator are stripped out.  Remove the agitator and take a look.  Another item to check is whether or not the big plastic pulley on the bottom is tight.