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Author Topic: Sanyo SR-W4500(M) Wine Cooler - Starter Relay / Overload Protector Replacement  (Read 184 times)

Offline FrForget

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Hi Everyone 😀,

I just bought a new overload protector (B57-120) and a new Starter Relay (QP2-4.7G12) to repair my Sanyo SR-W4500(M) Wine Cooler, but I have one small issues..... I forgot where to connect which wire..... Could anyone help me?
I've been looking online for the manual but can't find it. There's 2 sets of wires, one with a blue and brown wire, the other one with 2 black wire stuck in some sort of jelly!

I hope someone can help me!

Thank you.

Offline Bearcat

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Looking at your parts, and the wiring diagram you provided.

I would say the blue and brown wires go to number 2, and 3 on your start relay.  Doesn’t make a difference which way.  The other terminal is for your white wire.

Then the black wire would attach to the overload.  Then the wire from the overload connects to the compressor common point.

Then you attach the start relay to the compressor.

Any questions ask.  Please let us know how it turned out for you.