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Author Topic: BOSCH NETP068SUC Cooktop dead  (Read 920 times)

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BOSCH NETP068SUC Cooktop dead
« on: March 30, 2021, 07:04:15 AM »

Hi new poster here. I have BOSCH NETP068SUC Benchmark line cooktop. It started to have problems being turned on. I had to disconnect the 220V plug wait some time and plug it back in. Then it worked. However later the problem progressed to the point where only the burner crosses came on and stayed for 5 sec then it was dead after the dc/connect. Finally the cooktop went dead completely and did not beep or any lights come on after dc/connect procedure.

So since this is one of the Benchmark cooktops there is not much on the web about this model. It's usually the 800 line NETP066SUC that is mentioned and the few posts with similar problems as mine advised to replace the control board. Well I replaced the control board (Control module PN 11029683), then the relay board (Module-relay PN 11016600) and finally the small control board (Control module PN 12009051). Still dead. I checked the 220V plug for voltage - OK. The continuity of the 220 cord from the plug to the coding plug in the cooktop and continuity from the coding plug to the relays on the relay board. All are OK.

I am completely stumped and can't think of anything else to check or replace. Can anybody give me any advice on what may be wrong? All parts were purchased directly from BOSCH.