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Author Topic: Frigidaire Hard start confusion...  (Read 172 times)

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Frigidaire Hard start confusion...
« on: March 27, 2021, 02:55:12 PM »

So I have an older Frigidaire side by side that for the past couple of months will have a hard time starting the compressor.. 
It will usually thermal out a couple times and start..

So, I thought let's get a hard start kit... 
Purchased a Supco URCO410-0 to replace the start kit on the compressor.. 

I hooked it up plugged it in and bam, it started right up..  Thought I was golden.. 
About 20-30 seconds go by and then it goes back to LRA and is pulling around 10amps.. 
I left it there for about a minute to see if it would thermal out and it did not..
Unplugged and let it sit for a few mins..  Plugged back in and the process happened over again...

So I'm at a loss....
Obviously the kit started the compressor just fine but then it would just crap out on me...

I opened the OE start kit and found the PTC half destroyed, so that's probably why I was having issues with the OE part.. 

I just can't understand what the hard start kit would start then fail....

Thanks for any insight!!

By the way, I wired the OE start kit back and while it does have trouble starting, it will eventually start and run...