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Author Topic: GE Refrigerator cool/warm/frozen spots.. uneven cooling.  (Read 128 times)

Offline tatkins85

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GE Refrigerator cool/warm/frozen spots.. uneven cooling.
« on: March 18, 2021, 05:02:29 PM »

My GE Refrigerator GSS25GSHJCSS stopped dispensing water on my wife when i was at work. "Firefighter, so im gone for a few days at a time. " She also informed me a few hours later that the vegetable and salad draws both froze over.

So i assumed the system had frozen over had her unplug it and i ordered a new Heater/defroster and a thermostat and tossed those in, in hopes that it would fix the issue.

Well after having it plugged in for the last 14 hours i have been able to look it over my self, rather then getting second hand information from my wife.

My issue is still not resolved. The water was dispensing when i plugged it back in but has stopped after the freezer has dropped past freezing temps. " so im assuming the line is freezing over? "

I also noticed it seems the fridge is struggling to regulate its temps. freezer set to 0 and fridge is at 37. but seems like its holding/reading at -1/41.

When opening the fridge up i noticed i had no ice and felt in the tray and there is water in the ice tray but it is not freezing into ice and does not seem very cold in the ice tray area but just below in the main department of that freezer seems plenty cold and has frozen drops around the area.

The fridge looks like both produce drawers have frost on the front of the drawers. the rest of the fridge does not feel very cold?

The water dispenser seems to work if i let everything defrost but then will stop after the freezer gets below a certain temp.

Does anyone have any input or opinions on what i can check/ replace to figure this out?

I believe this is only a 2018, so very disappointed in that its having issues already.

Offline Bearcat

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Re: GE Refrigerator cool/warm/frozen spots.. uneven cooling.
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2021, 12:30:42 AM »

If you have ice in your crisper area, this is where your water tank/lines are.  If this area gets too cold the tank/lines will freeze, and you will have no water at the dispenser. 

It sounds like you described both areas having warm areas at the top and freezing at the bottom.  This sounds like a lack of air flow.  Maybe a fan is not running. 

If the fan is not running, with the door switch taped shut, and the unit still needing cooling, then you will need to determine if the fan is receiving power, and the fan is bad, or if the electronic board is not sending power to the fan.

Reach out with more information, or let us know what fixed your problem please.