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Author Topic: What's wrong with this Washer (watch video)  (Read 281 times)

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What's wrong with this Washer (watch video)
« on: January 31, 2021, 04:10:01 PM »

Watch this short video, then please tell me
what's wrong with this Samsung washer. The serial number shows it was built in March 2011.
At the moment, it runs and washes clothes nicely, but makes a mild rubbing sound when it spins.
Is it worthwhile to have it repaired?
Other words of wisdom?

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Huebsch coin-operated washer HWT921WN1102
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2021, 01:53:25 AM »
I was asked to repair this washer,which needed a drive belt.After replacing the belt,I tested it for agitating.The 2 big metal washers under the brake were making scratching noise when agitating.I could not pin point why,so I dropped the pulley and the big washers down.I found groove was formed on the washer.I put some grease on the washers and re-installed the more noise.But I don't understand why that noise and the groove.I wasted lots of time waiting for it to spin.Do you guys have an analytic procedure so I can advance it to spin without waiting for it to run thru the whole cycle?this machine is using computer to control the cycles,no timer to advance.Please help me find the short cut.

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Re: What's wrong with this Washer (watch video)
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2021, 11:16:25 AM »
 I dont have as much knowledge about this washer as some others but my guess is that the spider  drum support and/or bearings are starting to fail. This is a pretty expensive repair as well as quite labor intensive. If the unit is more than 10 years old you should consider getting a new machine.

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Re: What's wrong with this Washer (watch video)
« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2021, 09:58:30 PM »
That’s just “VRT” technology. Theres steel bearings size of grapes floating in oil in big plastic rings that are attached to the basket that offset out of balance spins and smothers out vibrations. When basket spins the bearings move to counterbalance. You have a good sounding Samsung front loader!
If it sounds like rubbing during high speed spins, thats your baskets spider separating most likely and that washer is junk however that’s much more than a little noise, that sounds more like something trying to tear it’s way out of the machine to eat you.
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