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Author Topic: kenmore/elite 795.72483.411 icemaker compartment evap fan  (Read 269 times)

Offline hahnhdwe

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kenmore/elite 795.72483.411 icemaker compartment evap fan
« on: January 09, 2021, 06:48:26 AM »

Does the ice compartment fan run in test mode? I could not get it to even though I know motor is good.
Also in run mode the evaporator fan motor does not seem to be running. This makes me thing the control board is bad.

Well this started back on Oct 1. Sears repair has been here 6 times. They gave up and I cannot even get new refrigerator until march or April. So I am trying to fix myself
first error code came FF. ice maker compartment fan motor.  looked at coils only frosting on one end was told by a friend who has been in service for over 20 years that compressor was going bad and he knows LG has a problem and does not work on them. I realized even without warranty plan that my compressor has 5 year warranty(only 3 years old) and thought lets get sears out here to check that.
first rep came and ordered a new mother board.
2nd rep came and installed mother board. works about 3 hours and FF error again decides it will need new compresser and orders
3rd rep claims no one was home and does not show.
4th rep replaces compressor and ask about old motherboard which I saved and reinstalls it. leaves and 3 hours later FF error again
5th rep orders new panel with evaporator fan and ice make compartment fancontained on it. Not one of these reps has yet taken panel out and tested any motors
6th rep comes(Dec 24) to install and panel is right but both motors only have 3 wire plug(old panel had 4 wire plugs)
call sears on Jan 4 and they say part is obsolete and there is nothing they can do.
My wife calls sears on Jan 5 and some person who thinks they speak english but they really don't tells her part is ordered and on its way LOL
Jan 8 I receive some form of harness EAD62729001 that I have no idea what it is for LOL
Today I replaced the icemaker compartment door fan.

Does the ice compartment fan run in test mode? I could not get it to even though I know motor is good.
I also have the control board that was ordered in garage but don't recall if that was installed with old compressor or new and might have to be programmed
even thought I listed it being swamped after compressor that might have been done before So many calls might have forgot exact sequence.

I know my wife loves me but not sure how much longer. lol I told her to look for new one but there are hard to find right now

If I don't get this working I think I will go in used parts business on ebay

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Re: kenmore/elite 795.72483.411 icemaker compartment evap fan
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2021, 12:44:34 AM »
If parts obsolete itís a goner. That harness is for the chill drawer. Sears call center reps are in a country that doesnít have appliances. If you had a multimeter you could test at the fan for DC voltage off the red and black which should be 12-13 volts but you have to make sure you close the door switches. If thereís no freezer switch the rail hits itís in the front and you have to put a magnet on the white square on the left side. But you also have com wires on that fan too so you might want to give in if your lost already.
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