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Author Topic: Error Code 3E2 - Samsung washer WF56H9100AW/A2 tried everything please help!  (Read 268 times)

Offline Chrisengland

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Hello, the problem started a few months ago. The washer will stop mid cycle, at random times and even increase the time on the display, and just stall out. The Samsung tech came out to look for a $150 diagnostic.

Recommended the following:

Replace stator motor
Replace PCB
Replace wire harness

The diagnostic mode runs successfully through all the cycles, drains properly.

I started off replacing the stator motor as this was the easiest. Installed, reset the EEPROM to clear codes - the washer worked for a quick wash cycle a few times. Then back to not working and error code (only found in the service mode - not displayed mid cycle) - code 3E2

Replaced main PCB and carefully checked each connection. Same thing. Worked a few quick cycles and then stopping mid cycle. Error code 3E2.

Went ahead and bought a drain pump and Drain pump wire harness because I read something on a forum about it. Took this beast apart to get to the front. No help with that.

Finally, disassembled the front a second time, meticulously replaced the entire wire harness with a new one. Worked 4 times, no error code. I kept checking the service mode after every cycle for codes. Finished cycle, sang the little Samsung song at the end. I thought "VICTORY!" Then the 5th wash - same exact thing. Stopped mid cycle. Checked service mode - error code 3E2.

I don't know where else to go with this. It's an expensive proposition because this is a stackable unit with a in a custom built in area of wash room. Buying new will also mean buying a new dryer so it's a $2500 problem. I would REALLY like to get this working again. Any help appreciated! - Chris

Offline Dash

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Did you also change the rotor position sensor DC31-00098A?  Can you turn the wash basket easily by hand?  Spin it around by hand at least 15 times to see it something got caught between the wash basket and outer tub.

Where did you purchase your parts?  Often times I repair appliances where a DIYer first attempted the repair first and.... he did everything right except used bad non-OEM parts that usually came from

Offline Chrisengland

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Thank you so much for responding! I believe this is also called the "hall sensor?" It was already attached to the new stator motor assembly that I replaced. Should I consider replacing just the hall sensor on the stator?

As for the wash basket / it moves freely by hand.

Also - no parts from Amazon. Got the stator and PCB from a parts co on eBay, the new wiring harness from Sears. The PCB - I tested both of them (new and old) after clearing eeprom each time and trying to run a cycle A both act the same. Give same error code so I am leaning that the PCB is ruled out as culprit.

Any other ideas? Many thanks...