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Author Topic: Kitchenaid dispenses water out front every time ice maker calls for water  (Read 272 times)

Offline jml256

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I have a kitchenaid KRFF507ESS01 less than 3 years old. It spontaneously stopped making ice or dispensing water.
I replaced the main inlet valve in the back, which did not correct the issue.

Then i replaced the dual valve inside at the top.
This did fix the water supply. Water works great and ice is being made, but every 52 minutes, the ice maker harvests its ice and requests to be refilled, and both solenoids activate, thus refilling the ice maker AND dispensing 8 oz of water out the front.
I kept a cup there to catch it, but needs to be emptied every hour and overflows at night.

I disconnected the one side of the dual valve for the water dispenser and that does make it usable (it still makes ice) but no water dispensing capability.

Any ideas of how to stop the signal to the water dispensing solenoid when refilling the ice maker?
Really appreciate your help!

So, my guess is the controller that sends the signal to the valve to refill the ice maker is erroneously sending a signal to dispense water

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Re: Kitchenaid dispenses water out front every time ice maker calls for water
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2020, 06:12:13 AM »
I have seen a diode in a harness located in the compressor section cause similar issues on a WPL french door. Should be in the top of comressor wrapped in jacket of sorts. Ohm out one direction, then reverse meter leads and ohm out opposite direction. normal readings are closed circuit one way and open when reversed. Hopefully this helps out.