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Author Topic: GE GDT535PSJOSS Dishwasher Not Heating  (Read 261 times)

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GE GDT535PSJOSS Dishwasher Not Heating
« on: November 19, 2020, 10:02:19 AM »

My GE GDT535PSJOSS dishwasher will not heat.  Done all of the standard checks/replacements listed below.  Now what??

1.  Ohm tested the heating element, tested good.
2.  Ohm tested the TCO switch, tested good.  I even bypassed the TCO just to be sure.  No change.
3.  Installed a different flood switch I had as spare since my understanding is it has thermistor built in.  No change.
4.  Replaced the control board, and still no change.

I don't have the service manual or schematics for my model machine, but I found instructions from a different model that appear to work on my machine (all except I don't know how to check diagnostic codes since my machine doesn't have a digital readout).

5.  Went into service mode and to function #4 which is supposed to be heater test.  I filled the tub with water since the instructions said it had to have water in it to work and that the circulation pump would energize too.  I probed the two connection pins on the control board for the heater during the service test and it only output 1.8 VAC.  Test turns on for 2 minutes and then shuts itself off as it says it would.  I don't hear anything turn on (not sure if I'm supposed to hear the circulation pump run).

6.  I monitor the service led, and it readous normal through the different cycles.

I'm at a loss.  I think I've tested or swapped parts I could think of.  What do I do next?

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Re: GE GDT535PSJOSS Dishwasher Not Heating
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2020, 01:03:07 PM »
Still reading another GE service manual since I do not have one for my model.  Going in diagnostic mode everything checks out okay.  I don't see any fault lights on.  The initial door open/closed test checks out fine.  I don't see any fault code lights on.  The only one that stays lit after the initial check is the lock light (which if I'm understanding the manual that I'm looking at is it is just telling me I'm in diagnostics mode).  I don't think it is indicating anything other than that.

In service mode, I don't see any faults indicated with the service mode light.  Wiring appears to be okay.  I ohmed out the two wires that plug into the two heater connection points on the control board and they ohm out okay.  I'm at a loss here of what to check/test next.....